Smooth client onboarding starts with Hubforce
Guide your new customers at every step of their onboarding process with a personalised content hub and real-time engagement tracking.
Your clients need a dedicated space to get faster to value? Build that space in Hubforce.
Smooth onboarding
Bring the best out of self-guided and personalised support into one mix. Add key milestones and provide a clear implementation plan without putting too much strain on your onboarding team.
One central space
Stop getting lost in email attachments, drive folders and calendar invites. Create a single location for your new customers to interact with your tutorials, FAQs and guides. Help them achieve the ROI early in their journey.
Go Live on time
By tracking how your customers progress with onboarding, you know when to tune in for additional support whilst being efficient with your time and resources. Resolve risks before they arise and never miss Go Live again.
Forget emails back and forth
Ditch endless email threads and time-consuming calls. Allow your customers to ask their questions right inside their onboarding hub. Notify dedicated team members and let them instantly respond to customers' queries.
Personalisation on auto-pilot
Create templates for different types of products and plans to show only relevant information. Automatically white-label your hub to your customer's brand to make your onboarding feel familiar.
Integrate with your stack
Integrate Hubforce with your existing customer success software to improve an overall onboarding process, monitor your customer health and build a repeatable workflow for your client-facing teams.
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