Self-service support hubs for every client
Self-service support hubs for every client
Are you spending more on support every time you win new clients? Move all your support materials in a central location with Hubforce.
Your clients need a dedicated space to get instant support? Build that space in Hubforce.
Give your support team a break
How many times do you think your support team has had to answer the same or very similar ticket? Put your support on auto-pilot and reduce your customer retention costs by making a shift to a self-service support model.
Helpdesks are outdated
They could be useful, but ask yourself this: is your helpdesk personalised for each customer? Hubforce allows you to create templates for each customer type or size and present the features relevant to their use case.
Google Drive, Notion, Dropbox?
The list goes on... Instead of scattering all your training materials, support guides and FAQs across channels, use a single destination for your customers to easily search for content at the point of need.
People can come and go
Your customers, like any other business, have a staff turnover. So you don't want to explain the same thing all over again to the new person they've just hired. Let them see the history of questions and answers and figure things out in their own time.
Understand support usage
By knowing which support materials have been visited the most and getting feedback directly from your customers, you can understand their product adoption and address worrying signals before they churn.
Integrate with your stack
Integrate Hubforce with your existing customer success software to improve your support experience, bridging the gap between customer health and necessary product training.
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