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Leveraging AI to Align Marketing, Sales and Customer Success for Revenue Acceleration

The marketing, sales and customer success teams all work with the same goal in mind —to increase revenue.

However, they traditionally work separately from each other. Many companies that operate this way usually hit a ceiling in their revenue at some point.

To keep expanding revenue and increasing growth, it is important to keep marketing, sales and customer success teams aligned.

What is Revenue Acceleration?

Revenue acceleration is the process of aligning marketing, sales and customer success functions around a set of common goals to achieve revenue growth. 

This ensures that these teams serve as a support to one another.

In revenue acceleration, marketing, sales, and customer success don't become a single department, but they function like a unified body rather than separate entities.

Revenue Acceleration VS Revenue Operations (RevOps)

These two concepts are very similar to each other and have similar goals. However, it is important to note the slight differences between them.

Core Parts of Revenue Acceleration 

Centralised data source: 

Revenue acceleration ensures that marketing, sales and customer success teams have a single source of truth. This means that their decision-making becomes more aligned with one another.

Hubforce provides a centralised environment with a single source of information for these departments built and structured with AI. 

It also enables marketing, sales or customer success teams to build personalised digital sales rooms for customers. 

Different departments can leverage the data  from customer engagement in the digital sales room to optimise their processes


Each team needs to fully understand the KPIs that are directly connected to them. 

This ensures that their efforts are channelled accurately. 

Hubforce ensures that all team members have a clear understanding of their responsibilities. It also enables teams to develop action plans and track the progress of all team members.


Everyone in a team must take full responsibility for the goals connected to them. 

Consistent messaging

It is important for marketing, sales and customer success to collaborate from lead acquisition to the retention phase and ensure that messaging is consistent at any point.

Having a digital sales room for customers at the beginning of the sales process ensures that all activities involved in the sales process are centralised. This ensures that both customers and teams can always refer back to a single source of truth.

Fast Feedback Loop

Alignment of the three departments ensures that feedback can be provided and acted on immediately. Money loves speed so the faster these feedbacks are given and implemented, the faster revenue can be accelerated

How Does AI Impact Revenue Acceleration for Marketing, Sales and Customer Success Teams?

Although marketing, sales and customer service teams share a single source of data, each team has functions that are independent of each other.

Marketing teams 

  • Marketing teams analyse customer success and sales data to identify what resonates with customers. They use these insights to optimise their marketing campaigns 
  • Marketing teams can also analyse where the most successful prospects come from and optimise their lead-generation strategies for that channel.
  • Marketing teams leverage the feedback from sales teams to optimise their buyer enablement materials

Sales teams 

Customer Success

Customer success teams contribute greatly to customer retention and lifetime value. 


  • AI enables customer success teams to easily design personalised onboarding journeys and track customer engagement with onboarding materials in real time. This data can be transferred back to the marketing and sales departments to help align their efforts.
  • AI also provides action triggers and follow-up suggestions based on customer engagements which could help customer success teams to identify cross-selling or up-selling opportunities.


Importance of Revenue Acceleration 

Financial Growth and Stability:

  • By optimising the sales funnel and combining the strengths of each team, you can convert leads faster, and generate more revenue. This translates to a stronger financial position and increased profitability.
  • Revenue acceleration shortens the sales cycle. This leads to faster and more predictable cash flow.  

Competitive Advantage:

  • Revenue acceleration allows you to adapt to changing market trends, identify and seize opportunities faster. 
  • Revenue acceleration enables you to optimise customer acquisition costs and increase profit. This means you can expand your product offerings, or offer more competitive pricing to attract more customers 
  • Equipping your customer service teams for revenue acceleration ensures that you improve retention rates and increase upsells and cross-sells.

Enhanced Customer Relationships:

  • Revenue acceleration focuses on creating a smooth personalised customer journey. This enables better communication.
  • The ability to track real-time customer activities enables teams to also anticipate and address challenges faster. 
  • Revenue acceleration ensures that customers are provided with a self-reflective learning path. According to Gartner, prospects are 147% more likely to buy when provided with a self-reflective learning path. 

Operational Efficiency:

  • Promoting collaboration across marketing, sales, and customer success leads to a more efficient team. Everyone works towards the same goal, communication improves, and everyone has a clearer understanding of how their role contributes to overall revenue growth.

Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Revenue acceleration relies heavily on data. By tracking key metrics throughout the customer journey, businesses can identify areas for improvement, optimise campaigns, and make data-driven decisions that drive better results.

Design Personalised Customer Journeys, Sell More and Accelerate Revenue with Hubforce.


At Hubforce we believe that AI can significantly enhance our capabilities. Our buyer enablement and revenue acceleration platform was designed to enable smooth and efficient data-driven collaboration between sales, marketing and customer success teams. 

Hubforce provides digital sales rooms to create a personalised buying experience for each buyer. You can present, share and analyse your sales and marketing content in a centralised location.

Hubforce AI  provides live notifications on buyers' engagements, and suitable follow-up messages or actions.

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