8 Alternatives to Highspot
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June 21, 2024

8 Alternatives to Highspot

In this post, we will discuss 8 alternatives to Highspot. 

Before that we will dive into the benefits of sales enablement tools, what Highspot is and why you might want an alternative to Highspot

Importance of Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement tools are a crucial part of a company’s  sales processes

Below are some of the key benefits of sales enablement in the sales process.

  • Boost Sales Performance: Sales enablement equips reps with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. This includes consistent messaging, easy access to sales materials, and sales coaching.  With these resources, reps can close deals faster and generate more revenue.
  • Improves Efficiency: Sales enablement streamlines the sales process by centralising content and resources. Efficient sales enablement platforms enable sales reps to easily design a personalised content repository for each prospect. This way, sales reps don't waste time searching for information and can focus on selling. 
  • Empower New Hires: Onboarding new salespeople can be time-consuming. Sales enablement platforms offer training modules and resources to get new reps up to speed quickly.
  • Increase Consistency: Sales enablement ensures all reps are delivering the same message to customers. This builds trust and credibility with potential buyers. 
  • Provides Measurable Results: Efficient sales enablement tools offer data and analytics to track rep performance, buyer’s engagement and content effectiveness.

This allows companies to identify areas for improvement and optimise their sales strategy.

What is Highspot

Highspot is a software company specialising in sales enablement tools. They offer a platform designed to improve sales rep efficiency and effectiveness. 

Sales reps can access all their sales materials, including presentations, brochures, and collateral, through a single platform. 

Highspot also offers training and coaching for new salespeople with features like guidance and analytics to help them close deals faster.  

Main Features of Highspot

  • Sales Content Management: Highspot helps sales teams organise and manage sales content libraries. 
  • Content Delivery and Sharing: Sales reps can share content directly through email or social media using Highspot.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Highspot provides analytics on content usage and effectiveness.

Why Would You Want a Highspot Alternative?

  • Flexibility and ease of use:

Your sales reps should not have to spend time learning how to use your sales enablement tools. They already spend more time learning about the product that they are selling. 

Sales enablement tools should be intuitive with little or no learning curves no matter how robust they are.

Some users on G2 say that the pitch functionality workflow for Highspot is confusing and not intuitive.

  • Easily understood analytics

A great sales enablement tool enables sales reps to track prospect engagement with sales content. 

This analytics also enables sales teams to make informed follow-up decisions and ensure that they are providing value to prospects at any time. 

Therefore the analytics should be easy to understand so that sales reps can easily make informed decisions based on prospect behaviour or preferences. 

Some users say that Highspot analytics is not intuitive and “it takes some understanding to manage the nuances of the data to pull and secure what you need”. 

  • Hyper-customisation

Efficient sales enablement tools can be customised to fit the individual needs of your prospects and sales teams. 

They enable you to design a buying journey that is tailored for each prospect. For example, you should be able to design a digital sales room that is customised to the prospect's needs

However, some users mentioned that Highspot has limitations on pitch style customisation. This means you cannot design your sales presentation to look personalised for certain prospects 

10 Highspot Alternatives

1. Hubforce

Hubforce is a sales enablement tool that enables sales reps to create a personalised buying journey for prospects.

It provides clear visibility into the sales process using real-time data. This means that sales reps can easily identify where there is a roadblock in the sales process and handle it proactively.

This enables salespeople to anticipate challenges in the sales process and handle it before it becomes an issue and affect the deal negatively 

Hubforce provides full visibility into prospects' buying behaviour so that sales teams can channel their efforts and resources to the right prospects at the right time.

With Hubforce AI sales teams enjoy data-driven follow-up recommendations. This ensures that sales reps apply targeted follow-up strategies during their sales process.

Key features:

Hubforce AI hub builder: The Hubforce AI hub builder enables you to build out personalised digital sales rooms. You can centralise all sales content and ensure that the right people are looking at the right content at the right time. It takes less than a minute to build out hubs (personalised workspaces) for different use cases including sales, onboarding, support, investor pitching and training. 

Check out this article to learn more about the impact of AI in B2B sales enablement

Other sales enablement tools might require you to build out these sales workspaces manually but it can be done in less than 1 minute with Hubforce.

This is another challenge that Hubforce solves for sales teams. It provides real-time engagement data on your sales presentation.

For example, you can see the following

  • Who is looking at your sales content
  • When they looked at it
  • How much time was spent on each piece of content 
  • How many unique visits have each user made to your content
  • Was your content downloaded?
  • Who was your content shared with?
  • Which content is getting the most/least engagement
  • Which viewer has the most/least engagement
  • Prospect engagement scores

Knowledge base: Hubforce provides a centralised repository for all your sales content with an intuitive navigation that leads the right people to the right content at the right time.

2. Allego

This is a sales enablement tool that enables enterprise teams to onboard and train sales teams. It also leverages AI to activate channel sellers and conversation intelligence.

Key Features:

  • Language detection and transcription into various languages
  • Prospecting and selling
  • Knowledge retention assessment

3. Guru

Guru enables users to connect all their docs and chat like Slack or Teams to get instant answers from their workflow. It enables sales teams to search for their company's collective knowledge base in one place without switching different apps.

Key features:

  • AI-powered content suggestions 
  • Organisation charts and employee profiles 
  • Personalised user dashboards and content recommendations

4. Mediafly:

This is an enterprise revenue enablement tool that enables sales teams to build business cases and quantify the value of their solution by showcasing ROI and business impact. 

Key features

  • Content Management: It enables users to centralise all sales content in one place, making it easily accessible to sales teams.
  • Training & Coaching: They enable sales teams to keep up with the latest products, messaging, and sales techniques.

5. Outreach.io

Outreach.io enables users to build automated and flexible forecasts using advanced modelling and predictive AI. 

Key Features

  • Sales Engagement: It offers tools for multi-channel outreach through email, calls, and social media like LinkedIn, all integrated into one platform. 
  • Conversation Intelligence: It analyses sales calls and provides areas for improvement 

6. Mindtickle

Mindtickle enables users to onboard sales teams and train them to improve productivity.

Key Features

  • Digital Sales Rooms 
  • Analytics and dashboards to assess sales reps' performance

7. Bigtincan:

 This sales enablement platform was designed for small businesses. It enables users to train sales, marketing and other customer-facing teams and promote collaboration between them

Key Features

  • Personalised AI Sales Assistant 
  • Conversation intelligence tool to detect and set tone during conversations
  • Instructor-led or self-paced courses 

8. Salesloft

This is a revenue workflow platform that enables sales teams to create consistent and cost-effective sales processes. It also offers sales call tracking software.

Key Features

  • Pipeline tool for building and nurturing sales pipeline 
  • Create and automatically sync call logs with a CRM
  • Sales dashboard for tracking and measuring key metrics 
  • Utilises AI and human insights to forecast sales numbers

How to Choose the Best Highspot Alternative

To choose the best alternative to Highspot for your business, it is important to understand the key functionalities of each one.

You now have an overview of the key features of each one. You can go ahead and click on their links to find out more.

However, if flexibility, ease of use, scalable personalisation, and multiple use cases including pitching, onboarding, customer success, training or e-commerce is your priority, then we advise that you choose Hubforce.

We also recommend Hubforce if you don't want to deal with complicated analytics that make it difficult to make informed decisions

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