Sell in Hubforce with a digital sales room
Create a unique space to display everything your prospect needs to make a buying decision, for short and long sales cycles.
Want to close deals faster?
Build a digital sales room for each prospect to learn about your business.
Engagement analytics
What happens after the demo? See how prospects engage with your content, receive buying signals and instantly act upon them. Don't take silence for the answer – identify the blocker and move the deal forward.
Demo's done? Time to follow up
Hubforce allows you to create digital sales rooms in minutes with all the relevant sales collateral that your prospect can share with other stakeholders to start building rapport.
Personalisation on auto-pilot
Leverage our templates feature to create hubs for each customer type or size and auto-whitelabel them to add a touch of personalisation. No need to be a great designer either. We've got you covered.
Forget emails back and forth
Ditch endless email threads and time-consuming calls. Allow different stakeholders to ask their questions right inside their hub. Receive push notifications and instantly respond to customers to keep the deal flowing.
Data interpretation
Having access to data and the number of views doesn't provide enough value on its own. Our engagement formula tells you who is actively looking to buy and who is just doing their research, so you know what deals to focus on.
Integrate with your CRM
Integrate with Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive or Close to automatically create a dedicated hub for each new lead. Channel the buyer engagement data from your hub back to your CRM for complete visibility into every deal.
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